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Ing. Jan Kubeš
Holičky 31
379 01 Třeboň
+420 384 721 342
+420 602 105 486

About stations

These breeder‘s stations specialize in the breeding of RETRIEVERS. The breeder‘s station „z Vlčích luk“ is the oldest breeder‘s station of retrievers in the CR. The base of both breeder‘s stations is one common breeder‘s material. We are the only stations in the CR breeding all the six kinds of retrievers. It means that we breed whelps from all the six kinds. We have not found any other breeder‘s station, breeding all the six kinds of retrievers yet. In our breeding, we use only the perfectly healthy animals. We have our own bitches, the dogs are imported from abroad, to prevent the close crossbreeding of relatives. Our breeding is based mainly on the Scandinavian and English dogs.

All the puppies have the FCI Certificate of Origin. They are under steady veterinary control. WE sell them in the age of eight week minimally. At this time, they have been rid of worms already three times and at least twice vaccinated. Before the sale, all the puppies undergo a very thorough veterinary examination by a veterinary surgeon.

Our breeding dogs may be used also to cover foreign breeding bitches. To assure minimally one covering in the optimum term when the bitch is on a heat, the breeding bitch may be accommodated here for a necessary time.

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